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Game Phases

Phase 1


Building Hybrid Futures

In this phase, we will craft captivating narratives depicting hybrid alternative future worlds. The exercise will be built upon the hybrid scenario archetype, time horizons, and emerging drivers of change, forming the bedrock of our scenario-building endeavor. Prepare to unleash your imagination and play an active role in shaping the future!


  • Draw one (1) scenario archetype

  • Draw one (1) time horizon

  • Draw three-four (3-4) emerging drivers of change


Phase 2

Forging Pathways

This phase delves into exploring the evolution of scenarios crafted in phase one when influenced by shifts in leadership or the emergence of new movements. Drawing upon Sarkar's theory of social cycle and leadership, which encompasses diverse ways of knowing and understanding shaping the conditions of change, this phase takes us on a journey of transformation.


  • Draw one (1) movement or leader


Phase 3

Transcending Disruptions

In this phase, we delve into the realm of anticipating the repercussions of a planetary stressor on the scenarios crafted in phase two. We further explore how a leader or movement might react, manage, and transcend the effects of these planetary disruptors. Additionally, this phase unravels potential prospects and innovative strategies aimed at flourishing amidst crisis.


  • Draw one (1) planetary disruptor


Phase 4

Wrapping up!

The game concludes with an open conversation session centered around various topics, including scenario building, the influence of random drivers of change, the pivotal role of leaders and movements, and the incorporation of stressors in constructing narratives of hope and anti-fragile visions of the future.

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