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Dreams and Disruptions Launched at the Dubai Future Forum 2023

The Museum of the Future was a fitting backdrop for unveiling Dreams and Disruptions in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The game took center stage at the Speakers Corner during the 2023 Dubai Future Forum. The launch in the City of Dubai marks a significant milestone for the foresight game and futures gamification.

CEF Chief Futurist Shermon Cruz launches Dreams and Disruptions at the Dubai Future Forum 2023

The Center for Engaged Foresight would like to thank the Dubai Future Foundation for allowing us to launch the game at the Museum of the Future.

As the game embarks on a global journey, we eagerly anticipate your support by playing the game, your feedback, emergent scenarios, and testimonies from users and players around the world. The interactive and immersive function of Dreams and Disruptions encourages players to share novel imaginings and insights about the future in a participatory and collective intelligence approach.

As the game finds its way into the hands of futurists and foresight players worldwide, we hope that the game offers everyone a transformative experience that will shape our thinking and empower us to imagine better and shape the world around us.

Special thanks to Katindi Sivi, a foresight practitioner from Nairobi, for these beautiful photos!


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