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Dreams and Disruptions at Quest Alliance Bangalore, India

It was a great experience playing the Dreams and Disruptions Game at the Quest Alliance Futures Literacy workshop with Priyanka Krishna and Shakil Ahmed in Bangalore, India!

Participants discuss possible scenarios that may arise from the drawn drivers of change
Participants discuss possible scenarios that may arise from the drawn drivers of change

Approximately 25 to 30 conference attendees participated in the workshop. They enjoyed the game, laughed a lot (one of my success metrics), and deeply reflected on the nature and function of imagination in futures literacy and emergent anticipation. But then, have you ever wondered what food poverty or hopefulness would look like if aliens arrived? Lol!

Here are the key insights we gathered from the participants:

  1. Each of us had unique perspectives about the future and future scenarios, and we were able to collectively build on that diversity of thought.

  2. Imagination did not always lead to consensus among all participants. However, to enable innovation and problem-solving, imagination is key.

  3. When we have the agency to create the future, we become better at shaping the systems necessary to build and live in the future we prefer, while avoiding the future we do not want.

  4. Imagination made us realize how dangerous and creative human beings can be.

  5. Nature therapy is an oasis for us to thrive in an AI-driven world/futures.

  6. We also pondered whether the future is hopeless for young people suffering from trauma.

  7. Lastly, we discussed how we can impart futures literacy to young kids and children.

A facilitator encourages conersation and exchange of ideas by asking questions to members of the group
A facilitator encourages conversation and exchange of ideas by directing questions to members of the group

Randomness sparks creativity, while gamification injects energy and enthusiasm into futures thinking. In the convergence of randomness, imagination, and participatory engagement, foresight gaming enables participants to envision the future more radically.

For more about Quest Alliance event, click the link below:


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