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Embrace the unforeseen

Embrace the randomness, and diversity of voices to allow emerging dreams of the future to flourish while navigating and overcoming disruptions. The game intricately incorporates ethics, ethnicity, culture, and spirituality - enabling alternative and robust futures to emerge.



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For participants unfamiliar with futures work, this is excellent as it increases their futures literacy immensely.

Marcus Bussey

Senior Lecturer in History and Futures Studies

University of Sunshine Coast, Australia

I am impressed with the creative scenarios and the different elements that encourage creative thinking, and pushing our boundaries in imagination.

Norfadhilah Mohamad Ali

Associate Professor

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)

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the Deck

Over 200+ games of Dreams & Disruptions have been played all over the world since 2020.
Futurists, Navy & Military, Scientists, and Environmentalists have played the game including some of the top futures organizations, government agencies, and companies in the world.
Who's played with us
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