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Second Part - From Divine Metaverses to Aquifiner Movements: Some Unthought-of-Futures from Asia

Here is the second part of the Dreams and Disruptions Asia Foresight Workshop.

The Center for Engaged Foresight recently launched its “Dreams and Disruptions” (D&D) Global Foresight Workshop Series. The primary goal of these workshops is to offer foresight practitioners and enthusiasts worldwide an opportunity to delve into the game, discuss the essence, nature, and futures of foresight, engage in meaningful questions and conversations, and reflect on the role of gamification and its application in foresight practice.

Furthermore, the series aims to enable participants from across the globe to contemplate the meaning, function, and value of imagination and emergence in anticipatory studies and practices. It also seeks to foster communication, collaboration, and networking among participants.

The Center for Engaged Foresight further refined these scenarios for story flow and clarity.

Scenario 2: A Glimpse into 2124

Set 100 years from now, it’s characterized by intriguing concepts such as “gross national coolness,” “polyarchy”, and the “metaverse” as scenario logic. This future was explored through the lens of the “Sadvipra” leadership archetype, embodying the quintessential traits of a warrior (protection), an intellectual (innovation), an entrepreneur (wealth creation), and a laborer (service), all integrated within a spiritual and divine context.

In the year 2124, under the guidance of a “sadvipra” leader, society undergoes a profound socio-digital and spiritual transformation. The divine infused with a governance and societal structures focused on compassion and universal well-being, this informed the horizons of what an advanced civilization look like.

The digital, biological and spiritual realities are weaved to create an existence where the line between the tangible and the imagined are but a whisper.

This is a world governed not by nations as we know them, but by dynamic holographic committees — specters of authorities in a society where systems and structures thrive on a decentralized, autonomous and trust-based networks. This has as well relegated social media networks of yesteryears to the annals of digital archaeology.

In this future, the Gross National Cool (GNC) emerges as the primary indicator of a country’s global influence, replacing outdated economic metrics. Polyarchy flourishes, with power dispersed across multiple entities, allowing for a more nuanced form of governance that reflects the complex web of human and non-human interests that populate this era. The Metaverse has expanded into a limitless realm where digital twins of entire countries exist, showcasing their cultures, economies, and ecosystems in breathtaking virtual precision.

Within this intricate world, the concept of being human undergoes a profound evolution. Human experience becomes a rarefied privilege, with “coolness” emerging as a new currency — a measure of one’s ability to navigate and influence the fluid reality that encompasses both the digital and the physical. With the advent of technologies that grant immortality, the existential question of what it means to be human takes on new dimensions. The impermanence that once defined human life gives way to an endless exploration of existence, challenging the very foundations of identity, creativity, and connection.

Trust becomes a complex issue, especially in the realms of elections, voting, and governance. Traditional models of democracy are replaced by a system where governance is executed through augmented reality platforms. Here, individuals can create their own governments, where power is not concentrated but shared among various stakeholders — human, non-human, and AI entities alike. This polyarchic approach to governance ensures that all voices are heard, and authority is exercised in a manner that is fluid as the society it intends to serve.

The group responsible for this super-awesome and imaginative futures narratives!

In this future, the distinction between creator and creation blurs, as humans and their digital counterparts interact and evolve in ways previously unimaginable. The very essence of reality is augmented, giving rise to new forms of art, communication, and existence. In the year 2124, to be human is to navigate a universe of limitless possibilities, where the only constant is continued evolution.

The Ethos of the Sadvipra

This era, known as Harmony 2124, heralds a future where the ethos of a sadvipra — a leader embodying wisdom, courage, creativity, and labor — guides humanity towards a synthesis of innovation and spirituality.

It is a world where the Gross National Cool (GNC) measures the vibrancy of cultures in fostering peace, creativity, and sustainability, where polyarchy ensures governance is reflective, inclusive, and ethical, and where the Metaverse extends beyond a digital frontier to become a Divine Metaverse — a realm of spiritual exploration and interconnectedness.

The Governance of Light

Holographic committees, once mere specters of authority, have transformed under sadvipra leadership into luminous forums where wisdom and compassion illuminate the path of governance. These decentralized networks operate on trust-based principles, ensuring fairness and integrity while embracing a polyarchic system that values the voice of every being — human, non-human, and beyond.

The Currency of Coolness

In this future, “coolness” transcends aesthetic appeal to embody attributes such as empathy, environmental stewardship, and innovation in harmony with nature. It becomes a currency of societal contribution, measuring how individuals and communities elevate global harmony and well-being.

The Divine Metaverse

The Metaverse, now fully matured into a Divine Metaverse, offers more than escapism; it is a sacred space for growth and connection. Here, individuals explore telepathic communication and experience shared divinity, transcending physical and digital barriers to foster a global consciousness of peace and unity.

The Human Experience

With immortality within reach, the human experience becomes a canvas of infinite potential, guided by the wisdom of the sadvipra. Human-centered technology enhances spiritual and intellectual exploration, ensuring that every innovation nurtures the soul and the soil of our planet.

Humanity’s quest for meaning evolves, as the lines between creator and creation blur, inviting a deep introspection on the essence of being and interconnectedness.

A futuristic Asian cityscape, where spirituality is woven into the fabric of

society through subtle, non-religious elements.

The Beacon of Change

The sadvipra leader, a beacon of change, inspires a civilization where governance is not merely about decision-making but about nurturing the highest potential of all beings. This leader champions a future where moral and ethical considerations are paramount, steering humanity towards a harmonious coexistence with all forms of life.

The Challenge and Invitation

As futurists, innovators, policy-makers, philosophers, and planners stand at the cusp of this new era, Harmony 2124 presents both a challenge and an invitation.

The challenge: to envision and create policies, technologies, and philosophies that support this harmonious future.

The invitation: to transcend traditional boundaries and explore new paradigms of living and governing that celebrate the divine interconnection of all things.

In Harmony 2124, humanity’s journey is no longer a solitary quest for survival or dominance but a collective voyage towards understanding, unity, and transcendence. It is a vivid testament to the potential that awaits when we dare to imagine a future defined by the nexus of divinity and innovation, where every step forward is a step inward, into the vast landscapes of our shared human spirit.

Groundwork for Actions

Well, when I was reflecting on these scenarios I tried to ponder if I could draw on some tangible inspirations and actions for leadership and governance today. Several strategic innovations, policies, and programs came to mind and could be initiated in the present.

These efforts must focus on foster on ethical leadership, advancing technology with a relational-centered approach, promoting environmental stewardship, and nurturing global interconnectedness and spiritual awareness.

Here’s are some blueprints for action:


  1. Development of Ethical AI: Invest in AI research that prioritizes ethical considerations and empathy, ensuring AI systems contribute positively to societal well-being and decision-making processes.

  2. Advancements in Virtual and Augmented Reality: Enhance VR and AR technologies to create immersive experiences that foster spiritual growth, cultural exchange, and telepathic communication skills, preparing the foundation for the Divine Metaverse.

  3. Sustainable and Regenerative Technologies: Innovate in green technologies, renewable energy, and regenerative practices that heal the planet, ensuring technological progress does not come at the expense of environmental health.


  1. Global Governance Reforms: Advocate for and implement policies that support polyarchic governance structures, ensuring a diverse and inclusive representation of humanity and beyond in decision-making processes.

  2. Education Reform: Establish educational curricula globally that emphasize critical thinking, empathy, environmental stewardship, and spiritual wellness alongside technological proficiency.

  3. Digital Ethics Legislation: Create comprehensive digital ethics standards and legislation that govern the development and use of technology, ensuring it serves to enhance human and planetary well-being.


  1. Global Consciousness Initiatives: Launch global programs that promote cultural exchange and understanding, aiming to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose among the world’s populations.

  2. Spiritual Technology Labs: Establish innovation labs focused on the intersection of spirituality and technology, exploring ways to use technology to enhance spiritual practices and experiences.

  3. Sustainability and Regeneration Partnerships: Initiate public-private partnerships focused on sustainability projects, from urban reforestation to ocean cleanup, encouraging technological innovation in service of environmental regeneration.

Long-Term Strategic Goals:

  • Redefine Success Metrics: Work towards redefining global success metrics to include measures of environmental health, spiritual well-being, and societal harmony, beyond mere economic indicators.

  • Cultivate Ethical Leadership: Develop leadership programs that emphasize moral integrity, compassion, and a service-oriented mindset, preparing future leaders to guide humanity towards a more enlightened and harmonious existence.

  • Enhance Global Interconnectedness: Invest in technologies and platforms that facilitate global communication and understanding, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of global community and shared destiny.

Implementing these innovations, policies, and programs requires a collective effort from governments, corporations, non-profits, and communities worldwide.

It’s about setting a course today for a future that honors both our technological potential and our spiritual essence, ensuring that the journey towards technological advancement is also a journey inward, towards greater compassion, understanding, and connection.

The path to Harmony 2124 starts with the steps we take now, laying the foundation for a future where humanity flourishes in a dance of innovation and divinity.


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